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About Us

GGsoaps founder Grace

Grace's Goats and Soaps has been conceived, and all products created by a young goat loving girl named Grace, otherwise known as GG. A girl with a love of science and potions. With a love for our beautiful goats and their delicious milk, GG soaps was born. She started developing products (and a big mess in my kitchen) at 15 and now 2 years later she has created several amazing (can't live without) products; I'm so excited for everyone to discover.

 We use Doterra and other premium essential oils in our soaps and products. The soothing properties of these high grade essential oils are unbeatable. The more ways you can introduce them into your life the better. GG soap products are a great way to do that.  Grace is very concerned about our environment. As a young So Cal surfer she loves the beautiful ocean and earth. We try and use all fair trade and as many organic products available to us as possible. As a matter of fact all of the herbs, flowers, and of course MILK used  in our product are grown organically on our very own farm. 

You can follow the farm and the general goat hilarity on Instagram @ggsoaps

I'm GG's mom and marketer. School is her #1 priority and soap is a full time job, so I am taking over for the time being. stay tuned for what GG soaps has in store!

We look forward to serving all your bath and skin product needs the natural way!

GG's Momager,

Lani Jones